Work life balance


One of our main focuses continues to be the promotion and encouragement of work-life balance of our employees. This pursuit increases our employees’ satisfaction, while boosting their productivity, commitment and accountability.

EDPR implemented work-life balance programs throughout its geographies and aims constantly at improving and providing additional benefits.

Benefits in the work-life balance program are specific and include, among others, depending on the geographies, subsidies for employees’ children to perform summer activities, additional paid leave to extend parental leave or to celebrate the birthday and others.

In 2011, EDPR has been recognized with the Family-Responsible Employer Certification (Empresa Familiarmente Responsable), for its work-life balance practices in Spain.
During 2012, our practices have been audited, as part of the certification renewal process performed every two years. The results of the audit process confirmed the excellence of the current management model, as well as the compliance with the certification standards. There was a special mention in the audit outcome to the efforts of continuous improvement of the company’s practices, which should be positively reflected in future evaluations.

Ensuring employees’ conciliation between work and family is fundamental for a healthy work-life balance. During 2012, we hosted activities for employees’ children,in order to get them to know our offices in Europe and in the US. We wanted them to see where their parents work and what they do.



EDPR Story, booklet illustrating wind energy distributed to employees’ children