As a sustainable company that is proud of being an active member of our many communities, our employees are encouraged to actively participate in their communities and to be responsive and aware of emerging needs through many volunteering initiatives.

Moreover, our volunteering practices create an environment both within the company and in the communities where we do business that is more open to new ideas, supportive of individual differences, and embodies what is best in volunteerism.

To engage in our volunteering programs, employees can participate in several campaigns, by donating or by engaging in several activities, during working hours or during the weekends. In the US, there is a Volunteering Committee that plans periodic activities aimed at generating a positive impact in society.

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  • Children at risk and elderly people: During 2012,we participated in many activities targeted at people at risk of social exclusion who are struggling with economic and social difficulties. Our volunteers participated in, among others:
    • Training activities in Spain for women and youth with difficulties for re-employment;
    • Fundraising in France for an NGO dedicated to children diagnosed with serious diseases;
    • After school activities in Poland with children at risk;
    • Providing first and social aid to disadvantaged and elderly people in Italy;
    • Organizing a School Supply Drive where employees brought school supplies for students with difficulties in the houston area.
  • It’s up to us: is an EDP group wide environmental volunteering initiative. Many employees together with their families spent one day in a historical site near one of our wind farms in Spain to help clean up the site, plant trees, and construct a pond.
  • Christmas campaign: EDPR employees from all locations donated a total of 8,582 euros and 810 toys to low income families who have been severely affected by the current crisis. EDPR complemented employees donation with 28 euros for each employee increasing the total donation to a total of 18,158euros.