Human capital snapshot


One of the main competitive advantages that leads EDPR to deliver, year after year, exceptional operational results is the company’s human capital. A young world class team with excellent qualifications and an extensive local knowledge. EDPR’s capacity to attract and retain this qualified workforce has been of vital importance to develop and retain a strong know-how essential to deliver on its strategy.

In 2012, EDPR employed 861 people, 23% working at EDPR holding, 46% in the European Platform, 29% in the North American Platform and 2% in Brazil. Of our employees, 99% have an indefinite contract, with just 8 cases of temporary employment.


We have a qualified and diverse team aligned with our business strategy, 81% of which hold university degrees and 71% are less than 40 years old. This deep pool of highly qualified talent has supported EDPR’s exponential growth and provides the optimal base to face future opportunities and challenges. Additionally, our people strongly reflect EDPR’s energy and enthusiasm.


Throughout the year, 145 new employees joined EDPR while 80 are no longer with the company, resulting in a turnover ratio of 13%, which is lower than the previous year.