Guaranteeing health and safety


Guaranteeing a healthy and safe work environment is fundamental to safeguard our team. EDPR Health and Safety policy, available at our website, reflects the company’s commitment to prevention of occupational risks associated with our activities as a key priority of the company’s management.

A significant part of our organization plays a fundamental role in the implementation of our health and safety policy. The company created health and safety committees that collect information from different operational levels and involve employees in the definition and communication of a preventive plan.

During 2012, 3% of our employees attended health and safety committee meetings, in representation of 68% of our workforce.
In addition, a new committee has been created in the UK to complement those already active in Spain, France and in the US.

Health & Safety Management System

To support our strategy on health and safety, we have implemented proper management systems. These systems are adapted to each specific geography, with specific standards and procedures based on country regulation and industry best practices.

In Europe, the Management System is certified OHSAS 18001:2007. The certification was renewed during 2012 and has also been extended to Poland. By the end of 2012, 2,707 MW were OHSAS 18001:2007 certified, representing a 34% of EDPR installed capacity.


Risk assessment and training

As an integral part of our health & safety strategy, we conduct several training courses and risk assessment activities according
to the potential risks identified for each job within the company.

During 2012, more than 189 training activities have been performed, to address the hazards associated with their job responsibilities, representing over 4,313 hours of training.

We are equally concerned with the health and safety standard of our contractors. To this extent our contractors are subject to a health and safety screening when they bid to work for our company. Once the contractor is selected, they are required to present proof of having provided the required training.

Each one of our offices and wind farms in Europe and the US has its own emergency plan with contact details and instructions to follow in case of an emergency. In 2012, we continued performing drills to be prepared for emergency situations.

During 2012, EDPR conducted 76 drills in our wind farms and also performed emergency drills in our offices.