Employee satisfaction


The satisfaction of our employees has been one of the key drivers to retain our highly qualified workforce. Providing one of the best workplaces in the regions where we are present increases our employees’ pride and ownership feeling for the company. It is also a great communication channel to transmit our values to potential new hires. Therefore, at EDPR we pursue and have obtained different certifications that confirm our distinction as one of the best places to work.

gReaT PlaCe TO wORK

In 2012, EDPR was included in the Great Place to Work® (GPTW) ranking in Spain. This was achieved following a survey sent to the company’s employees, by an independent body, asking for their opinion on many factors of company life.

Despite being the first time we applied to be included in this ranking, EDPR ranked among the top six best companies to work in Spain, in the 250 to 500 employees’ category.

In addition, EDPR was one of the top three in the hiring category, which evaluates those companies most concerned with the quality of its hiring process.

During 2012, we developed an action plan based on GPTW evaluation, as we plan to renew our presence in 2013 GPTW ranking, in Spain, and in addition, we initiated our participation in the UK and Polish GPTW Rankings.


EDPR in 2012 was voted a top workplace in the US for the third year in a row. More than 72,500 houston-area employees weighed in with opinions for this year’s houston Chronicle’s Top Workplaces section – rating their companies in such areas as opportunities for advancement, the value of their pay and benefits and their bosses’ communication and management skills.