EDPR’s electricity production totaled 18,4 TWh, increasing by 1,6 TWh versus 2011, a 24% average annual growth since 2008, clearly outpacing capacity growth.

EDPR continues to achieve high net capacity factors, ending the year with a 29% net capacity factor.

EDPR leverages on its core competencies to maximize wind farm output and relies on its diversified portfolio to mitigate the wind volatility risk. This is best evidenced by EDPR’s continued achievement of one of the highest net capacity factors in the wind sector, which provides sound proof of the quality of our assets.

EDPR achieved a stellar 97% availability, further demonstrating the high quality of its assets and the execution of its operations management.

euROPe aCHieVeS SigniFiCanT ReCOVeRY OF wind ReSOuRCe

In Europe EDPR produced 8,277 GWh, a year over year increase of 13% on the back of the new capacity installed and a 21% average annual growth since 2008, outpacing capacity growth.

The largest growth driver in generation is due to 522 GWh increase in Spain mainly as a result of the recovery in the wind resource resulting in a +2pp increase in the net capacity factor from 25% to 27%. Moreover, EDPR maintained its competitive advantage in Spain as it outperformed the rest of the Spanish market.

All geographies, except Poland, posted higher year over year net capacity factors, resulting in an increase of the overall net capacity factor from 25% to 26% in Europe. Despite the year on year decrease, Poland registered a 26% net capacity factor, in line with the average for Europe.

ReCORd YeaR in nORTH aMeRiCa aS iT aCHieVeS iTS SeCOnd HigHeST neT CaPaCiTY FaCTOR

In North America EDPR produced 9,937 GWh, a year over year increase of 6% mainly as a result of the new capacity added during 2011 and an exceptional wind year for the company as it reached its second highest net capacity factor ever recorded. Generation has grown at an average annual growth rate of 26% since 2008, outpacing capacity growth.


The net capacity factor of 33% was stable in 2012 compared to the previous year.

Lower curtailment at the Pioneer Prairie projects (300 MW in Iowa) and Prairie Star (101 MW farm in Minnesota) also contributed to stronger availability.

TRaMandaí COMPleTeS iTS FiRST Full YeaR OF OPeRaTiOn

With the completion of the Tramandaí wind farm, production increased nearly 36% over the prior year in Brazil to reach 231 GWh. This is primarily a result of the new Tramandaí wind farm, which accounts for over 85% of Brazil’s total production.

Despite the significant increase in generation, the net capacity factor of 31% is +3.5pp lower than prior year, which is mainly attributed to a seasonal effect due to the start of contribution from Tramandaí in the mid of the prior year.