EDPR has a strong track record and proven capability to execute projects and deliver on targets. EDPR manages a global portfolio present in eleven countries spanning over three continents.

8.0 gw inSTalled

Since 2008, EDPR has increased its installed capacity by 3.586MW, resulting in a total nstalled capacity of 7.987 MW. As of year-end 2012, EDPR has installed 4,266 MW in Europe, 3,637 MW in North America, and 84 MW in Brazil.

+504 Mw added in 2012

During 2012 EDPR added 504 MW to its installed capacity, of which 289 MW were in Europe and 215 MW in the US.

iMPORTanT landMaRKS weRe aCHieVed in euROPe wiTH THe FiRST wind FaRMS in iTalY and THe FiRST SOlaR PV PROJeCTS

In Europe, EDPR added 289 MW to its consolidated wind installed capacity to reach 4,266 MW.

2012 marked two major milestones in EDPR’s history with the completion of its first wind farms in Italy and the addition of its first ever solar photovoltaic plants.

Portfolio growth in Europe came largely from outside Iberia, with 113 MW (22%).
Romania saw growth in both wind and solar installations, with 26 MW added in wind and 39 MW in solar PV. With this achievement EDPR consolidated its top tier position in the Romanian renewable energy market.

EDPR commissioned its first wind farm in Italy during fourth quarter of 2012. The 20 MW wind farm is located in the town of Villa Castelli, in the Apulia region. In the same quarter, EDPR completed its second wind farm, Pietragalla, located in the Basilicata region, for another 20MW.

In France, EDPR completed the extension of the Prouville wind farm by adding 8 MW.

EDPR completed 110 MW in Spain, achieving a total installed capacity in Spain of over 2.3 GW while consolidating its market leader position in Catalonia, with the addition of 48 MW and surpassing 300 MW in total installed capacity in this autonomous region. December 31st 2012 marked the end date for the completion of awarded capacity under the pre- assignation registry. EDPR was able to successfully complete 100% of its projects in time, ensuring that they benefit from the current remuneration scheme.

Through ENEOP in Portugal, a consortium to develop 1.2 GW in which EDPR holds a 40% stake, 64 MW were added in 2012 to the total 390 MW attributable to EDPR at year-end. Moreover, EDPR increased the capacity via overpowering of an existing wind farm by 2 MW.

edPR COMPleTed THe inSTallaTiOn OF 215 Mw in THe STaTe OF new YORK

In North America, EDPR reached a total installed capacity of 3,637 MW, representing a 17% average annual growth since 2008.

During the year, EDPR completed the Marble River wind farm in the north-eastern area of the New york state with a total capacity of 215 MW.

The project has a 10-year Renewable Energy Credits (REC) contract with NySERDA, which provides visibility to the sale of its renewable energy. Furthermore, it was awarded by the US Treasury, a Cash Grant, for an amount of 122 million US dollars (received in the first weeks of January).

FiRST Full YeaR OF OPeRaTiOn FOR TRaMandaí

In Brazil, EDPR currently runs three operating wind farms totaling 84 MW, fully under enewables energy incentive programs. In 2012, the 70 MW Tramandaí wind farm, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, had its first complete operational year, delivering more than 200 GWh in total production. Tramandaí has a 20-year PPA, under the PROINFRA program, with Eletrobrás, the State owned electricity holding.


CiTY deTail & 2012 landMaRK PROJeCTS



Project Specs:
Region: Oltenia
Size: 39 MW (4 Projects)
Remuneration Scheme:
Pool + Green Certificates

This project marks the entry of EDPR into the solar PV technology. The project combines an supportive remuneration scheme, quality irradiance and the potential of the Romanian market. The swift execution of this opportunity is testament to EDPR know-how enhanced by the relationship with its local partner.


Project Specs:
Region: Apulia
Size: 20 MW
Remuneration Scheme:
Pool + Green Certificates

This project is EDPR first commissioned wind farm in Italy, benefiting in full from the previous remuneration scheme. This project marks an important step in EDPR’s development in Europe that is expected to produce stable pipeline of opportunities in the years to come.


Project Specs:
Region: Catalonia
Size: 48 MW
Remuneration Scheme:
Feed-in tariff

An important project in Spain, ensuring leadership in the region of Catalonia. This
48 MW wind farm included in the pre- assignation registry will still benefit from the current remuneration scheme.


Project Specs:
Region: New york State
Size: 215 MW
Remuneration Scheme:
LT REC contract + Cash Grant

The largest single phased wind farm in EDPR’s fleet, Marble River is a utility scale wind farm capable of generating renewable energy to power more than 60,000 US households. This wind farm, commissioned in 2012, benefits from a long-term REC contract and cash grant, making it is a valuable addition to EDPR’s portfolio.