When defining our strategy for the future, we strive to align current and future demands of the organization with employees’ capabilities while fulfilling their professional development expectations and supporting their continued employability. We are committed to offer our employees an attractive career plan, as well as continuous education and training opportunities.


All of EDPR employees, regardless of their professional category, are evaluated yearly to determine the potential for development, thus creating a tailored development plan with the most suitable training to address their particular needs. The potential assessment process is independent from performance appraisal and is based on a 360 degree evaluation model in which the system collects information from several data sources to evaluate employee performance: oneself, peers, subordinates and manager.

In 2012, the number of attendances to training sessions increased to 2,270, representing 2.93 attendances to training courses per employee. On the other hand, the total number of training hours decreased to 14,611, as a result of a change of profile of training to more focussed, shorter courses.

Renewable Energy School – EDP University

In the coming years, the Renewable Energy School will gain relevance as a tool aimed at facilitating know-how sharing and providing employees with an overview of the strategic challenges that the company faces.

The Renewable Energy School was created in 2011, in the context of the EDP University, and since its creation, it has proven to be a success, delivering 23 training sessions (representing 229 hours) to 389 attendants.


The School also fostered strategic discussion with a workshop prepared during 2012 involving directors from different areas across the company. And our business partners have also contributed to the objective of our school through collaborative courses, such as a specific training session in offshore wind energy held with Repsol and other collaborations with EDP University.

High Potential Program

Our training strategy is also focused on boost career development of our high potential employees, as we want them
to become the future leaders to carry EDPR to the next level. In line with this objective, during 2012, we continued offering those employees a specific training program named High-Potential Program (HIPO).

Through the HIPO, those employees are assisted in their professional development with the support of a mentor that will provide employees with guidance on their careers, and specific training to develop the required soft skills to grow professionally within the company.

Leadersh ip Guide

Effective leadership is a pre-requisite for success and company’s development. During 2012, EDPR provided its management with top leadership training, spanning topics from leadership responsibilities to leadership style. The training sessions held for this purpose were an excellent forum to share leadership experiences.