In order to fuel future growth, increase efficiency and drive innovation, EDPR is constantly scanning globally to recruit top talent. To this extent a recruiting strategy has been developed to achieve this critical goal, while ensuring that new hires are aligned with the company’s values:

• Team Oriented Environment: EDPR promotes an environment based on team building.
• Career Development: EDPR recognizes the importance of career development and helps employees acquire knowledge and master the business. The Company recognizes and rewards employees for their innovation, hard work and performance.
• Diversity: EDPR has a diverse team, with employees from a wide range of backgrounds and cultures.
• Sustainability: EDPR aims to encourage environmental, economic and social stewardship by its employees.


In 2012, we hired 145 employees. 33% of them women. In addition, in a process to attract the brightest people to the company, we hire interns from top universities and business schools. During 2012, 137 interns worked at EDPR and 9% of them were offered a full-time contract.


EDPR has a strong company culture, and we want new hires to be able to understand this culture and quickly adopt it in their day-to-day activities. To encourage this, new hires are involved in a number of workshops and team building activities aimed at fostering integration and gaining a better understanding of the company.
Our Welcome Day, a three day event for new hires, allow for new employees to get some basic knowledge of the company, our business and visit one of our wind farms.
In parallel the Promotion events are aimed at team building, networking between new hires, and facilitating integration. Cooking Class with new hires from the promotion of 2011.

Cooking Class with new hires from the promotion of 2011.